So what is The Beat Generation*? You. Me. Us. Everyone who wants to push the boundaries of thought and change societal norms and are not afraid to do so. THAT’S what The Beat Generation is all about. It’s about voicing thoughts and ideas that we don’t normally think about because we are so deeply rooted and blind to our current reality and ways of doing things that we do not question ourselves and society. Because we think this is the way it’s always been or because we think there are no better ways. We don’t know until we actually start thinking about what would make life on this planet better. Not just for yourself but for everyone. Are we making it more difficult than it should be? This is the question we’re trying to answer here. If you want change, you are The Beat Generation.



*The name “The Beat Generation” is inspired by the literary movement in the 1950s started by an inspirational and non-conforming group of authors who questioned American politics and culture during that time. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady and William S. Burroughs are some of the writers associated with the movement.

A place for thoughts and ideas that challenge societal norms and our view of the world